The Essure



Looking for a permanent form of female birth control that doesn't involve incisions, anesthetic or a hospital stay? Essure is the answer!

It's the first female sterilization method to result in zero pregnancies during clinical trials and can be done right here at the FVRM office in just 15 minutes!
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* Please note – Although some of our doctors do perform the Essure procedure, not all insurance carriers cover it and you will need to check with your insurance company first.

What Are the Benefits of Family Planning?
Our team of Fox Valley specialists believes that proper family planning benefits the health and well-being of women and families everywhere. Choosing the appropriate method of birth control can help:

  • Prevent unexpected or unwanted pregnancies
  • Improve prenatal health with properly spaced pregnancies
  • Protect against STDs, including HIV/AIDS
  • Provide other important reproductive health benefits
  • Prepare for a baby with many factors in mind – physical and emotional health, financial status, career path and more

Finding the Right Contraceptive Method
Nowadays, there are many contraceptive methods and types of birth control available. How do you choose which is best for you? Fox Valley Reproductive Medicine's team of practitioners will help you decide according to:

  • Physical health
  • Side effects
  • Effectiveness
  • Personal preference

Our women's health specialists will suggest what type of contraceptive method to use, why it's best for you and how long you should use it. And whichever type of birth control you choose, we'll explain how it works and what side effects may occur.

Before using any birth control methods, even those that do not require a prescription, you must learn how to effectively use them first. Please contact our office for a full list of options.